About Cairns West Medical Centre

Cairns West Medical Centre is a small Family-Orientated General Medical Practice privately owned by one of the doctors regularly working in the clinic.

We are not affiliated with any other medical company and remain completely independent.

Small General Practice continues to provide high quality medicine at an affordable cost to both the patient and the government. It allows for a regular GP who knows you well, even a regular care team that you know too. 

Larger practices pretend to offer “economy of scale” but any extra financial gain is not passed on to the treating doctor or the patient, with a third party business person collecting additional profits.

Small general practice continues to offer continuity of care from doctor/care team to patient in a way no other practice can offer.

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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Authentic happiness to all through affordable, accessible and comprehensive primary health care through family general practice, a medical home to our patients.

Be the most trusted and reputable family general practice in Queensland.
Not just delivering health care, truly caring for our patient’s health.

Mission Statement

At the Cairns West Medical Centre we aim to provide holistic, high quality medical, nursing, allied health and psychological care for our patients in a setting where people feel comfortable and relaxed. We aim to address their physical and mental health needs, both in getting and keeping well. We do this by adhering to best practice principles.

We are not a large practice and this allows us to provide personalised care with continuity, for both families and individuals, and to liaise with other health professionals in our surrounding area.


Patient care and Relationship focus, through a collaborative team approach, with a focus on Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration (the three C’s)

Personable – we see the person not the illness
Excellence – pursued for all patients.
Inclusivity – our clinic is our patient’s clinic
Creativity – we seek and are open to new ways to provide best care.
Continuous learning – we regularly improve our knowledge and learning to benefit patients
Empowerment – to inspire patients to make positive health changes to their lives and empower each staff member to become a leader in their expertise.

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